Announcing Veevt

Announcing Veevt

Veevt is proud to announce the formation of our AI research and deployment company. Our company is focused on developing AI models that benefit the world and are managed in a safe manner.

We are committed to revolutionizing the AI industry by creating groundbreaking solutions that can be used to address global challenges. By combining advanced research and development with ethical and safety principles, we strive to develop responsible and reliable AI models that are not only effective and powerful, but also protect people's privacy and security.

With a team of experts from DeepmindOpenAI, and Microsoft Research, we have assembled a talented group of professionals who bring diverse expertise and experience to Veevt. Their extensive knowledge in AI research and development allows us to push the boundaries of what is possible and drive innovation in the field.

We believe in the potential of AI to make a real positive difference in the world, but only if it is used responsibly. Safety and ethics are core priorities for us at Veevt. We place great importance on ensuring that our AI models are not only beneficial to society, but also designed and managed in a way that safeguards people's privacy and security.

As part of the future of AI research, we are proud to be a part of this exciting industry and look forward to continuing to pave the way for innovative solutions in AI. With our passion for creating a better world through AI technology, we are ready to face the challenges and opportunities ahead.

We will share more information over the next couple of weeks and months.